Clax Magic
Designed to Disappear
Professional Stain Management

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Designed To Disappear.

Clax Magic, a complete stain removal solution, is designed to effectively remove tough stains and heavy soil from linens. Pre-treatment of linens with Clax Magic offers several benefits to customers.

Clax Magic

Clax Magic Guest Experience






  • Spotless linen
  • Protects brand reputation

Clax Magic Operational Efficiency






  • Reduces chemical usage
  • Reduces water & energy 
  • Reduces labour
  • Reduces time

Clax Magic Easy to Use





  • Easy, safe and ready to use
  • Keeps spotting areas
  • Reduces labour
  • Reduces time

Clax Magic Asset Protection






  • Reduces linen wear
  • Protects linens by reducing rewashes